Go Beads

Do you like beads? I do. I love beads. I love to make different craft projects made out of beads in different colors, shapes and sizes. It’s fun. I used to make bling-bling made out of beads for my personal use and gifts for my friends. It’s creative. And I like to decorate my clothes with bead embellishments too. It’s awesome.

But since I moved here in Maine, my bead crafts have been taken for granted because I don’t have the luxury of time to do any handicraft now. I spend more time online blogging and doing house chores on the side. But my fascination for beads never dies. I still love them. But I go for designer beads now. I go for good quality beads that I saw online.

The Beaded Lanyards that I saw online were my perfect gifts for my step-daughters last Christmas. They are perfect to hang their IDs or even their cellphones. I also love the unique Beaded Bracelets that I got for my friend on her birthday that is why I got myself one too. And of course, I fell in love with the Eyeglass Holders that are already considered as fashion accessories to match my clothes. And more importantly, I love the craftsmanship… the quality… and design of those bead works made by this equally unique bead company.

So if you are looking for unique stuff for gifts or personal use – go beads!


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