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Having a car is a big responsibility. It’s just like having a kid… or a pet… or a wife… or… a husband. Yup, car [like your kids or spouse] needs special attention. It needs regular maintenance. And it needs total care. This may sound funny but sometimes, men love their cars more than their wives. I had to admit my Hubby’s truck is my only competition. Hahahahaha.

Well, unlike from where I came from, car is a necessity here. You cannot work without a car. You cannot go to places without a ride. And you cannot live without any means of transportation here because public utility vehicle is not common. That is why you literally spend more time with your car than with your spouse because you drive separate cars.

And when we talk about cars, we also talk about problems too. Car can be a big problem too especially when you need an auto or body repair… or worse if you have been in an accident like me… you need collision repair service. And where can you find the best service in your area? Can you trust the service center in your area? Or are you a business that provides car services in the area?

Well, is the best website for car repair service whether you are in need of the service or doing the service. So check out, the largest network of collision repair experts, if you are in need of the "best in class" collision repair experts... or if you want to be a member or a part of the network of experts.