My [new] New Year’s Resolution

So what is your [new] New Year’s Resolutions? Well, the stressed on the word [new] is significant. It was intentional on my part. Why not? What is new about New Year’s Resolutions? Isn’t it just customary that when the year starts… you have to come up with big plans… big changes… big whatever!

Everyone wanted to start the year right and that is the whole purpose of the issue. Some people would have a “real-honestly-to-goodness” new year’s resolution. A few would go through the process of starting over again. And others would just recycle their old ones. But whatever its worth, the important thing is… you wanted to try… or try again… or try hard this time.

So what is your New Year’s Resolutions? Mine is… to try to come up with some this year. Give me a week to get my mind set straight and who knows… I might come up witha good ones that I can honestly stick to. Good Luck to us.