Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Sweet Fix

I have cravings lately. I crave for anything and everything sweet. And when I crave for sweets, nothing… practically nothing can stop me from getting myself a sweet fix. I crave for Laffy Taffy, jelly beans, chocolate bars, gummies, and even fruity bubble gum. Don’t laugh. Don’t think it’s gross either. And don’t you dare pity me. I have my sweet side and that is not an alibi. That is a fact.

Well, it’s not a crime to love sweets. And I do have them in moderation so you can calm down now. I may get tempted every now and then but trust me that kind of temptation is something I will never regret... ever! And I know you will agree with me that sweets bring out the best in people. Sweets make me happy. Sweets make me feel blissful. And sweets make me always in the mood for anything.

And my friend knows it. That is why last Christmas she gave me Bulk Candy for present. That was the sweetest present I received, literally. Boy, wasn’t she “sweet”? So if you have cravings like me, go ahead. Go and get your sweet fix. If you love sweets like most people do, don’t feel guilty. You have the right to sweet fix. And if you do need one right now, go get it because life after all is full of sweet cravings. You definitely deserve it.

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