My 1st Make-Over Tutorial (and Mug Shots)

I am not a professional make-up artist. The title fo this post should not even be "My 1st Make-Up Tutorial" in the first place. What was I thinking? LOL

Anyway, I just want to share something I do on a daily basis. Actually, I wish I could say something like - "I received a lot of letters from people asking me how I do my make-up..."  but I can't because it is not true. hahahaha But I am doing this tutorial anyways to give my millions (bluffing alert!) of readers an unsolicited advice on make-up application.

So here we go. I provided photos of each step with corresponding product I used in each step. This make-up application is easy-breezy so no skill required just some make-up products and mirror. It takes only 5 minutes to apply.

I start with a clean face and a moisturizer. I use St. Ives. It's the product recommended by Dr. Oz. I really don't know if it is effective for me because all the moisturizers that I have used so far have not given me any skin problem. So there is no point of comparison.
In most make-up tutorial blogs that I read and even those I watched in You Tube, it is highly recommended to use moisturizer before applying make up. The moisturizer serves as primer too so applying make-up is easier because it gives the face a smooth surface. Here, you can still see my blemishes. (yuck!) [Geez... I think my photo looks like a mug shot of an arrested woman for DUI. LOL.]
After moisturizer I put on CC cream by Hard Candy. It's kinda like the famous BB cream, the only difference is  - it has different letters. It's an all-in-one correction cream that acts as primer, moisturizer, foundation and who-knows. Here you can notice that my blemishes are not completely gone but somehow unnoticeable. It also gives a radiant looking skin. [This photo looks like a mug shot of a woman arrested for falsification of public documents  LOL]
I asked a Sales Associates of MAC make-up at the Mall one time what the BB cream is for and she told me that it's just another fancy thing that you can put on your face to look pretty. Well, something to that effect. She said it in a fancy way of course but that's how I interpreted it. Anyway, she told me too that BB cream will not give me enough coverage due to my skin type. Still, I interpreted it differently. After the CC cream I  apply liquid foundation for full coverage. Now, you will notice that my blemishes are almost non-existent but I look ghostly. I need to tone down my color. [This photo looks like a mug shot of a woman arrested for speeding and resisting arrest.]
To tone down my ghostly look, I applied loose powder all over my face. This gave me a natural look effect, I think. Notice too that I also prepped my brows to tame them. Oh geez, they are so wild and out-of-control. [This mug shot is a woman arrested for bouncing checks. LOL]
So these are the mug shots of my before and after make-up application. Notice that my blemishes are almost invisible to the naked eyes and my face looks flawless, doesn't it? wink*** Notice the difference with my brows. [I will have a separate follow-up post for that.] But this isn't finish yet.
Then I applied ELF Healthy Glow Bronzer all over my face and put some colors or eye shadow on my eyes too. I also applied a couple layers of mascara  to enhance my eyes. [This is now a mug shot of a woman arrested for selling fake goods.]
Lastly, I applied bronzing powder to contour my cheekbones and to add shape to my face. [This doesn't look like a mug shot anymore, does it?]
Then, with a huge ELF powder brush, I brushed my whole face to blend the bronzer and to shake off excess powder to achieve smoothness and a more natural look. I finished off by applying a nude lipstick. Now, this is no longer a mug shot of a woman arrested for any type of misdemeanor but a woman who needed to comb her hair. Arggg!] LOL

----------------------------Thursday 2 Questions-----------------------------

My Two Questions and Thursday Thoughts to ponder: 

1. If you are a woman: Do you wear make up? If you are a man: Do you like women wearing make-up?
2. If you are a woman or a man: Do you have any skin care routine?

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  1. oh am geeee, pasadong pasado ka na maging beauty blogger sis. seryoso! keep those tutorial coming! minsan minsan lang ako mag make up, pag sinipag lang but i can use your tips in times of beauty emergency. :D

    join ka na sa giveaway! hehehe! not many in my blog circle knows you kaya di kita bi-nan. hehehe

  2. you never fail to put a smile on my face Ruthi, hope someday you can walk me through it, ahhhh, I am too lazy to put make up and get to these ceremonies, but I can see the transformations, i am so inspired.

  3. You are good Ruthi to have a make up session like this..I'm wait to lazy to go through this routine.

    I wear eye liner and lipstick and that's on the day I must go out of the house..

  4. I have these boring straight eyelashes, so my children and husband encourage me to curl and darken them, but that's it. I refuse to fuss anymore than that. I like aloe vera and witch hazel for my skin before going to bed.

  5. PS Maybe if I could see a difference like you did, I might. lol You did great.