I'm an ELF Girl

I'm a girly-girl. I wear all things girly. And I put anything girly. That includes make-up. I am lucky that I'm blessed with healthy skin and I don't have to deal with skin problems. Though I do experience breakouts every now and then but I don't think breakouts like me much so they will be gone in two days tops.
My new stash.

I don't usually buy expensive make-ups. And if I do have expensive make-ups they are either gifts or I got them on clearance.
Recently, through blog hops and pinterest and you tubes, I discovered some products that I once ignored for 2 reasons. 1. They are "cheap". Not-so-wise thinking dictates that cheap items are poor or low quality. So I shun from it for fear that I may ruin my skin.
2. I don't know anybody who can vouch on the quality or effectiveness of the items. If I have not seen any commercial about the products it means that they are not effective or worth buying since they are cheap enough to even promote it.
But I was glad that I was brave enough to try on the E.L.F. products that getting popular and good reviews in blog-o-sphere and highly recommended in pinterest and you tube.
Now I am a happy E.L.F. Girl. And NO - I am not the new Spokesperson for the product nor got paid for blogging about it. Oh, how I wish!
But I am just happy that these products work so well on my skin and my pocket.


  1. wow, you got a big bang for your bucks sistah. wonder if it suits my skin type too.

  2. ps
    thank you so much for the bday love. :)

  3. Hi visiting here...Nice sharing this...

  4. haaay, wish i know how to put make up too, when are you going to Cali, so you can teach me ?