Working Hard or Hardly Working

I have been working part-time for over a month now. It is an amazing thing for me considering the fact that I was a bummer for almost a couple of years since I migrated here in the US. And the fact that I have never stopped working since I graduated from college in 19** [sorry had to leave that a mystery… hahahaha] till I came here in 2007 was really a transition that I struggled so hard.

Now, I am working and I am loving it. Finally, I was able to get the freedom I was so used to. I was able to leave home, meet other people and do what I was trained to do... sort of. Yes, I am back in school. I am working back in a school setting… that is. But my work doesn’t involve teaching but rather, watching kids. Oh well, it is sort of "in-line with my former work" just a little modification is some aspects.

The bottom line is… I am working. And that what really matters for now.