Downsizing Mood

If you are one of my old followers, you should know by now that I own and manage 9 blogs [and 10 others own by people who trust me that I co-manage] that used to be all active.

I am a blogger and am very proud of it.

Blogging is my life. Well, it used to.

I have been blogging for more than 4 years now [if my calculation is right]. And during those years, I gained a lot of blogging friends and I am grateful for that. They became my virtual support system during my adjustment period here in my new home. Their friendship helped me a lot during my blogging dilemma. I learned a lot especially from my Fairy Blog-mother who babysat me during the conception of my youngest baby Ruthilicious.

This blog – is my first baby. Well, sort of. I started with my Friendster’s blog account entitled Nagging Thoughts. But this blog is my very first website with its own domain. And since its birth, my family grew larger. I have 4 official websites with their own domains, 1 which is dedicated for my Hubby’s business and which I also set-up and manage, and 4 blogs hosted free by blogger, wordpress, zimbio and the notorious

Now that I am working and don’t have time to blog like I used to, I am downsizing.

Yes, and I repeat… I am downsizing!

I am now slowly and surely closing some websites that I own, most specifically those hosted free by the networks mentioned above.

I am now in the process of transferring and merging some of the posts I had in those blogs to my official websites namely; Ruthi’s breathingSpace, a Carpenter’s WIFE’s tool box, Ruthilicious and my REFUGE online PLUS hubby’s Gregoire Builders.

With regards to my blog written in my native language - sa puso at isip… I am thinking of getting it with its own domain too in the near future. And that will be it.

I am officially stating this fact… that I will just have 6 blogs [with the addition of my tagalong website]… no more no less.