Staycation Perks - Getting back to old hobby

Staycation is awesome. It's cheaper and stress-free. Though, it is a little challenging to make things around the house interesting but I got my creative juices flowing so far like cleaning the cellar for example. LOL This summer, I was able to do some of the items in my "To Do List" (finally) which have been there for as long as I can remember.
Yeah, after I was done organizing my craft area and sorted out my drawers and put away all my fall, winter and spring clothes in totes and some  went to Goodwill... (Yeah, did I tell you I have some kind of an OCD issues?) now I need to move on to the next item in the list... painting.

Well, the last time I tried to paint (which was 8 years ago) I ended up just taking photos. This time I did take a lot of photos too but at least I was able to really paint.
But getting back to it wasn't that easy. I need inspiration. I need a subject. And I need some snack too. LOL
Well, after the snack, my creative juices ran quickly and this is what I got.
After I got the yellow-ish background I started doing the green part which is my favorite color. Well, yellow and green are my two most favorite colors.
 Then... what?
Oh well, I was getting tired and bugs were bugging me so I just wanted to get over it and painted some purple lupins which is my favorite wild flower here in Maine. And there you go. I got my very first painting made in Maine.


  1. Your photos are lovely. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada.