Love You... G.M. Pollack

First of all this is NOT a paid post. Second of all, this is just to show my appreciation for my jeweler for doing a great job on my ring. And, third of all, I am just so happy that my ring is finally fixed that is why I am writing about it.

I went to my jeweler last week to have my diamond ring and earrings cleaned and fixed. It was just an ordinary day. I just thought I should bring my jewelries to my jeweler that day since I was already in town for its regular check up/cleaning/maintenance routine. They do all those things every six months… for free.

And so I went and had my jewelries checked and it turned out that one of the prongs on my ring moved and was partially crooked. So the lady said that she will have it fixed by one of their goldsmiths in Scarborough and processed it for documentation. Then she took my earrings to have it cleaned and sparkling again. As I was waiting, I browsed over their huge stock on sale and I ended up buying a pair of cute 14 k earrings with tiny dangling hearts that perfectly matches the gold heart locket necklace that Hubby gave me on Valentines day which he also both from them. I left the store as quickly as I got my ring’s claim ticket for fear of buying another piece of jewelry because everything in that store is 50% off.

I came back after a week and got my ring back. It is as good as new and I didn’t spend anything for the cleaning and repair. And one good thing… the lady said that I don’t need to wait 6 months for the next check up/cleaning/maintenance schedule because I can have my jewelries checked up anytime I feel like it.

Isn’t it sweet? Love you G.M. Pollack!