Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Proud Shopper

I am so proud of myself!

Last Sunday, I went to do my groceries. But before I did, I made a quick stop at the nearby store to check out some items for sale.

I wasn’t really planning to shop or buy anything because I already did some shopping two days in a row. But lo and behold… there it was… an entire rack of clothes for sale for just one buck. Yup. It was a $1 sale.

I almost bought the entire rack if only it had my size. Unfortunately, most of the items are left-over from old stock that is why most of them are big sizes. I only got 9 items from the rack and paid 9$ plus taxes.

And here's the thing... I didn’t even spend the money I had in my wallet because I used the gift card that my husband gave me on my birthday. Isn't it awesome?

I so love shopping!

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