New Blog Concepts for this Space

I am still in the process of downsizing my blogs and just as I was down to 5 blogs… I suddenly thought I need to make a new one because I got new concept to start a new blog. Well, I am a true-blue blogger so do the math. LOL

No, I did not succumb to that impulse. Not anymore. I am a convert. I have no time. I am busy. I had enough. I have no more alibis left. But I do have options. [That’s the catch. Hehehehe]

So here goes, since this blog is my very first and here is where I write practically everything about me in general… my whining, my rants, my AHA moments, my OMG moments, my not-so-important-events-in-life moments, and whatnots… I have decided to reorganize it to accommodate all my nagging thoughts that won’t be categorized in my Tool Box, my Refuge Online, my Heart and Soul, and my Ruthilicious… the 4 blogs that have specific concept and motif.

Just like other blogs that I frequently visit and chance upon through EC dropping, I will have some sort of theme where I will blog about some of the things I love to do like… cooking, digital scrapbooking, photography and come what may. I will be using “theme” to categorize specific posts with specific concepts.

For cooking – I will be posting about food for obvious reason. Hahaha. I am not a chef by profession nor did I take a short cooking course. My talent for cooking may have come from my father’s genes who was a former cook on a tanker ship. My passion for cooking may have come from my love of food. And my ability to cook may have come from my fear to go hungry. For this cooking portion of the blog… I will call it “Food Trip Day” and I will assume the name… Left-over Diva since I mostly cook left-over food and I am very confident that I am indeed good at recreating new dishes from left-over. However, I will point it out if the food I cooked is left-over or not to give distinction.

For my digital scrapbooking hobby – I will be posting photos of the digital scrapbooks that I made to show the crafty side of me. I also have an artist’s genes in me that I am so proud of. My craft and arts give me freedom to express myself in a different level. For this part of the blog, instead of regular post to explain the photos, I will write haiku – a form of Japanese poetry that I am fond of writing every now and then. I will call this portion of the blog… “Scrappy Thingy Day”.

And for photography – I will be posting some rare photos that I find interesting every now and then to keep the blog going. This will only be posted when ideas are running low or worse... dry. [This will be my saving grace to pick up some PR from Google, hopefully]. I am not really a photographer. I just love taking pictures and sometimes I am amazed at the result of the pictures captured by my lens. I will call this portion of the blog… “LensCraft Day".

And lastly, if there will be new ideas that would pop up again in the [I hope not] not so distant future. I will surely keep you all posted... both literally and figuratively.


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