Web Designer Wannabe

Scrappy Thingy Day: Scrap #2

This is my very first attempt on "website designing". Hmmmm... sort of. Actually, I already did a few website designing or shall I say redesigning and customizing before. I did redesign and customize all my blogs' templates to suit my taste and the blog's purpose so to speak.

This is actually my very first website designing using CSS codes. It was made possible with the help of OurBloggerTemplates.com. Of course, my ever reliable tutor. And who, by the way, picked this blog as the 2nd place winner in one of their contests.

This is my first ever website layout design that I did without using digital scrapbooking except on the header photo. My first attempt was a digitally designed scrapbook that my blogger friend Chie taught me with so much patience. It just didn't work out for me because I am having a hard time with the tweeking. She was better than me or I shall say... an expert on that aspect because she did all her website layouts using that process.

This is my first layout design where I used images for background and Hex color codes and values with assistance from W3C.

This is my first website design layout I made for a dear friend.

And this is my first baby!


  1. Very nice dear! I am using Picassa for all the graphics in my blog... I am no expert and Picassa has been very useful for me.
    Tweaking and designing can be so addictive...


  2. @Butterfly... Thanks. I learned Picassa through you but still am having a hard time with it. Maybe I need a tutorial from you. WInk*