Web Designing Mode

Scrappy Thingy Day: Scrap #3

Day 2 of web designing mode for me.

I'm so sorry, but I can't help it. It's just what I call "being me".

I just can't help myself doing things that interests me. And when I say "interest" it is defined as... things that occupy or contain my mind, my mood, my dreams, and my breathe for the time being. Yes, just for the time being until another "new" object or issue becomes a "new point of interest".

And so this is the product of my interest... another website design for my dear cousin Jen for her new blog "loving life and living it".

Hope Jen will like the color and color combination, texture, embellishments, header, lay-out, and over-all design of her blog template.

Now I can got to sleep and dream again of yet another design for her baby sister. LOL.