Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Bag Person

I read somewhere that what you have inside your bag tells something about you or that the content of your bag [or pocketbook as they call it here in the US] reveals your personality... or something to that effect. Anyway, I don't know about other people but I am a "bag person".

A "bag person" by personal definition is someone who cannot live without a "bag". If there is such a thing as that... I say yes!
I can't live without it. I feel naked without it. And I feel very uncomfortable without it. And I guess no one will no longer ask me if I have a collection of you-know-what to state the obvious.

I don't know why but I just love it. I love it in all sizes, colors, shapes and of course... brand names.

So what do I have in my pocketbook [bag]? What are the basic things that you can find in it? And what does it tell about me?
Judging from the content, I can say that I have jammed it with all the things I need on a regular basis and some few stuff I need on emergency. Other than that, I also have shoved some trash that i think not really necessary because I don't need them on a regular basis or on emergency.
Things that I need on a regular basis are my keys, wallet, phone, miscellaneous kit [that contains my quick fix like; lip balm, perfume, mini manicure set, disposable toothbrush, mini stapler and stable remover, marker, correction fluid, tea bags, hand cream, hair cream, razor, tweezer, and USB flash], comb, sunglasses and my wipes.
Things that I have for emergency purposes are cellphone charger, tampoons and panty liners, pen, eyeglasses, and emergency tools [a swiss knife kinda tool].

And for the things that are neither basic nor for emergency purposes... are those old receipts [from purchases, bill payments, and whatnot], mails, and credit card bills.

In conclusion... my personality... if you will analyze it based on the content of my bag is... chaotically organized and paradoxically well-prepared for what life has to offer. In other words... charmingly crazy! LOL


betchai said...

i love that description of charmingly crazy, Ruthi :)

I am the opposite, would you believe me I used to leave my bags in the classroom? Once while I was still in the Philippines, I got my bag back, but not my wallet inside, but I only have to blame since I always forget about my bag :)

Also, my hubby before told me he is scared for me since I left my bag or purse in the cashier, he picked it up for me :)

Ruthi said...

@Betchai... hahahaha, I also know that there are some women who don't like carrying bag around. I guess, if you can tell the personality of a person by their bag and its content... I can tell that those who don't like carrying bag... are the kind of persons who are carefree and very trustful because they don't care what might happen with them because they can always improvise. LOL

[I just can't live without my wipes. And I can't carry it around just like that, if you know what I mean. hahaha]