What a Rip-off!

Last year, I signed up with a "get paid to blog" network called Today.com hoping that it would help augment my income through blogging. I was so excited and spent a lot of time writing and knocking my brain off to come up with ideas to write about.

Eventually, I enjoyed writing for that account and anticipate the payout even if it only cost $1 per post. According to the rule, if I can write more than 1000 words I could earn more than 1$ so I did just that. But it did not get credit for more than 1$.

Everyday I would monitor my earnings and would compute how much more do I need to write to reach the minimum payout of 50$. When I was about 2$ away from the minimum payout… my succeeding posts didn’t get any more credit so I was stuck at 48$.

I notify the network about it and they told me that my write-ups will no longer be paid because I was not doing well in blogging. It was like… I was being evaluated for bad credit loans. Eventually, I found out that most of my blogging friends who have accounts on the same network stopped blogging and some were totally closed accounts for varied reasons.

I wrote them again and asked that my account be closed since it has some ads on it. Having those ads on my blog account means that my account is still generating income not for me but for the network. It also means that they are getting income at the expense of my blog. And it means that the effort I put in that blog account is just a waste of my time. They did not reply back and my account is still active.

What a rip-off! Lesson learned - be careful when signing up with networks like this. This kind of network is good as scammer!


betchai said…
oh, Ruthi, I am so sorry about this, it was a big mistake to be part of Today too, though I got all my earnings from them, but then, like what you say, they continue to make money from our site since it is loaded with ads, and I have so many travel tips there, how I wish I started blogging right away on my own site.

I feel what you feel, it was like a rip-off. Did they not even pay you the $48 since they cut it off?
Ruthi said…
@Betchai... I know. No they didn't give me the 48$. I was thinking they intentionally cut it off so they don't need to pay me that amount. What a waste of time.
"BUTTERY"fly said…
I'm sorry to hear that you've been scammed.. J

Just like payingPTR.com -- I signed up the other day on this site because I've been seeing a lot of referral links on twitter. I was shock at the offer of 50 cents per click. I've tried clicking few ads and as little as five minutes, I've already earned $10. I thought, it's too good to be true. And then I decided to read some reviews about that site and I found out, that I was right -- one of the biggest scam ever! Some reviews said that they would cut you off before you reach the minimum pay-out which is $10,000 and would say that they have detected multiple accounts containing the said I.P.
What a scam! I'm glad that I've learned about it the same day I signed-up.

Beware.. please do add that site on your list of scam sites.

BTW, I am passing a blog award on you. Please pick it up. Thanks!

Ruthi said…
@Buttery... I know what you mean. Isn't it frustrating?

Thanks for the award. I appreciate it. Take care.