Lens-Craft Day No.#5




Blooms everywhere. What a lovely sight! What a wonderful feeling! What an awesome gesture from a loved one!

I love flowers. Who's girl doesn't especially if they are from a loved one.

I love flowers in all sizes, colors, shapes, and texture.

Forget about my allergies.

Forget about my sinusitis.

Forget about my headache.

But don't forget my medicare supplement plans from I will need it just in case.

And there is no other time of the year where you can have them in a most romantic way than Valentines day.

Happy Valentines Day, Everyone!


Butteryfly said…
Beautiful Flowers!
Advance Happy Valentine's day!

Ruthi said…
@Buttery... hi thanks for visiting again. Happy Valentine's day to you too. May it will be romantic.
Anonymous said…
These are beautiful collages of flowers..I love how you put these together.
Ruthi said…
@Icy... thanks, those are flowers given by my Hubby. I took pictures and made a collage.