Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I got a package last night

I got a package last night. Well, my cousin from LA asked me a couple of weeks ago what I want for my birthday. So I told her.

I got the package last night. When I told my cousin what I want for my birthday... she cracked up. She was expecting that I will ask for designer clothes... or bags... or shoes... or expensive accessories... or who-knows-what.

I got the package last night. And I am so happy. I can finally feast on my favorite "RENO Liver Spread" and ample supply of my ever reliable magic ointment... Katinko.
I can have a sumptuous meal with "salted eggs and freshly chopped tomatoes" over steamed jasmine rice.
I can snack on my "Nagaraya Cracker Nuts".
And I also got some bling-blings that my cousin made herself.

Oh, if she only knew how happy I am. Oh well, I know she knew it.

Thanks Joey for the package. I Love You.


Judy Sheldon-Walker said...

how sweet! I miss some of the foods I grew accustomed to in NY and cannot find here, or how about foods they just stop selling...

Happy Birthday!

"BUTTERY"fly said...

Because of those stuffs, you're not so far away from home :-)

BTW, I also use katinko for insect bites.
(free advertisement for that product) LOL!