I Love Road Trip

I love road trips. Though at first I had problems with driving because I failed twice in my driving test, I learned to like it because I was able to get around without bothering someone to give me a ride. When I finally got my Driver’s License, it was as if I was released from prison. LOL! And going on a long trip takes a lot of preparation and anticipation for the unexpected.

I love road trips. So when I finally got my License, I hopped on my Toyota Corolla and drove. It was very liberating indeed. I just love the feel of the breeze on my cheeks and my hair. And I love the smell of the burning tires. But if there is anything I didn’t like… it’s the unexpected. When my car’s water pump leaked my excitement went down the drain… literally.

I love road trips. But when my car broke down, it was not fun. Good thing there is Chicago auto repair shop and mechanics that I can rely on. They are the experts in the auto repair in the Chicago area and the most reliable in the trade. So when my car broke down, I got my water pump replacement through them and in no time I was back on the road again… and enjoying my road trip.


I remember getting my license. I was so scared. It took a long time for me to be comfortable behind the wheel and even now I have a healthy respect for the responsibility that comes with driving. I'm glad you are enjoying your road trips!
betchai said…
i love road trip too Ruthi, but I let my hubby bring me to many places :)
Icy BC said…
I'm glad you like road trip!