Friday, April 9, 2010

Kitchen Issues

My cousin in San Diego, California had a kitchen renovation about six months back. He is a Chef by profession therefore, the kitchen is the heart of his home. It is there where he comes up with the best dish in his restaurant. It is there where he experiments with every appetizer… every main course… and every dessert that he serves to his customers. That is why he needs the most innovative, most modern and most efficient kitchen on earth. LOL

And since Hubby is a carpenter, they spend hours and days, planning for the said renovation. They talked about designs, materials, and other issues relevant to kitchen renovation and improvement. Hubby’s expertise was put to test here since they are hundred of miles apart. So through the aid of the internet they were able to get the best design and materials my cousin wants for his san diego home improvement project. And with the power of the internet Hubby provided him with relevant links where he can get cabinets san diego or san diego kitchen cabinets for his dream kitchen.

Six months have passed but Hubby and my cousin are still in regular contact with each other because they are now planning for the improvement of his restaurant’s kitchen.

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