Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Running/Walking/Jogging Buddy

My Biggest Loser Weekend Challenge that I started myself and currently into is a lot harder than I thought. Well, I know it is really hard considering how they do it on TV… but I somehow I thought that it would be different for me because my weight is not more than 200 pounds. I may be a little overweight for my age and height… but I know I can manage my weight with a little perseverance. So armed with a lot of self-confidence and self-realization I am really into it not because I wanted to lose weight but for health reason. My parents both died of heart-related diseases and so are most of my relatives so I need to be careful and take precautionary measures.

So I challenged myself to lose about 30 pounds till summer and I am doing a-okay [I guess]. I eat healthier food now and yes, I do exercise. I run… and walk…. and jog… [not necessarily in that order] everyday. I usually do it at work with the kids under my care during weekdays and on weekends I do it in my neighborhood.

As a site leader for the Kids Out Enrichment program, I make sure that my kids get a lot of active physical activities everyday because they too need to be healthy. And to make sure that I get the most out of my physical activities, I need a great pair of shoes that can endure the worse case scenario. Well, my shoes are my running buddy now because I rely on them most of the time. That is why I get myself a nice pair of Nike shoes. Why not? All the best athletes in the world use Nike shoes so why can’t I? I may not be the best runner or jogger in the world and my kids always tagged me or beat me in the games… but still I need a comfortable pair of running shoes to do my activities because the last thing I want is to have blisters on my feet or cramps on my legs because of my shoes. I need a comfortable, high quality, and dependable Nike shoes to help me get my goal.

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Judy Sheldon-Walker said...

Ruthi, sounds like you're on the right "track". Staying active is a must for all of us.