Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Sign of Wisdom

I just turned 45 years old a couple of weeks back. It was not a big deal. Really… no big deal! I never hide my real age for one simple reason – I don’t look like my age. Hahahaha No pun intended… it’s just that it feels good when people always think that I look younger than my age. Well, one advantage could be my height because for a vertically challenged person… you always blend in with kids of your height. But seriously, I always think positive thoughts that is why I look young too. *wink

But if there is one obvious sign about my real age, it is the eyeglasses. My eyeglasses are a dead give away. Well, at my age, it is inevitable not to wear one. And forgetfulness, I think is a twin sister of poor vision because I always forget to bring my eyeglasses or can’t remember where I put them whenever I need them. Good thing that I ordered mine from Zenni Optical because I can have as many pairs as I want to without breaking my wallet.

I came across Zenni Optical high quality yet inexpensive prescription eyeglasses in one of the blogs I read and I ordered mine from them. Hey, in this tough economy there is nothing I will do to get a big deal especially with prescription eyeglasses not just because I badly need one but because they are really expensive if I get them from regular store. And that I'm sure is not a sign of old age but… a sign of wisdom.

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betchai said...

you are indeed a picture of a woman full of wisdom Ruthi, very far from old age.

i love your eyeglasses, look chic on you. i wear prescription eyeglasses too, and you are right, they are very expensive. thanks for this information.