Friday, April 2, 2010

Tofu Sandwich

I recently challenged myself to lose weight. Well, it's springtime and summer will be knocking at my door soon too so I need to get a bikini-perfect body. *wink.

Kidding aside, I just challenged myself to lose weight for health reason. At my age, I need to monitor my cholesterol because "cardiovascular disease" is in my genes. And so I came up of the Biggest Loser Weekend Challenge which was inspired by MJ one of my Sistahs of The Salitype Society.

And part of the health plan is to eat healthy food. And this is my creation...


INGREDIENTS: 2 slices of wheat bread, sliced tofu, chopped onions, chopped button mushrooms, bbq sauce, olive oil [for frying, sorry not in the photo] and onion salt to taste.

DIRECTION: 1. Fry tofu in olive oil until golden brown. Set aside when done.

2. Saute chopped onion in olive oil.

3. Add chopped mushrooms.

4. Sprinkle a dash of onion salt to taste.

5. Add bbq sauce.

6. On toasted wheat bread slices... put the fried tofu slices.

7. Top them with the onion and mushroom in bbq sauce topping.

AND VIOLA! Enjoy your healthy sandwich.

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Tes said...

Ruthi! This is awesome! Thank you for sharing this with us. Thank you also for the idea to blog about food! Lovely post! :)