Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ann Taylor Loft Online is a Life Saver

This is a guest post by Matha Taylor

Buying clothes online can be difficult for me. I’ve always been one to try everything on before buying it. Usually I even prefer to try clothes on with the right shoes and accessories before making any purchase. Time constraints make that impossible at times. I recently needed a new dress to wear to a family members wedding. As usual I waited till the last minute to make this purchase and did not have time to spend hours at the store. I logged onto Ann Taylor Loft and found a wide variety of clothes, shoes and accessories. By searching through their website I was able to find not only a dress but all the matching accessories that I needed.

Just by simply spending half an hour on my hughs net satellite internet I was able to find the perfect outfit for the occasion. Since the wedding was held out of town, I needed the dress and accessories shipped to a separate location than I was at. This was handled easily and caused me no stress at all. In less than three days my dress was delivered to my mother’s house in the town that the wedding was being held. The dress fit perfectly, some of the accessories did not match the dress as well so I decided to return them. The return process as extremely easy, since I was able to return them to the store instead of mailing them back.


betchai said...

i am so like you, Ruthi, I prefer trying the clothes first before buying them, but then, sometimes, i see very good deals online that i buy too even i have not tried it yet :)

Judy Sheldon-Walker said...

Sounds quick and simple.