Friday, May 14, 2010

Furnishings for the New Renovated Rooms

I love furniture. Who doesn’t? If my Hubby is into building houses, his Sweetie [a.k.a. Moi or Me] is into interior designing. No, I didn’t have a degree in interior design. My designing talent came from pure instinct, good taste [wink*] and passion for the good… the beautiful… and what is pleasing to the eye.

So, when my friend from San Diego, California had a home renovation, she asked me some friendly advice on how to furnish her dining room. Of course, I would do anything for my friend to help her decorate her house and the first thing I did is to look online for the best place to get the most unique and high quality furniture sold around her area.

Well, she was happy with the new look of her favorite room brought about by the dining furniture san diego that she choose for her newly renovated family dining area. Aside from the dining furniture she also browsed some living room sofa and fell in love with two sofa beds san diego that she put in their new family room which she had converted from an old nursery room. And lastly, she got a couple of new simmons san diego mattresses for the kids’ bedroom since they already worn out the old ones.

Now, her house has an entirey new look and she is happy and grateful for my suggestion.


betchai said...

oh, those are beautiful pieces for dining room,Ruthi. next time, I will ask yo too when I need some renovation :)

Ruthi said...

@Betchai.... sure! you know it's my personal "happine$$$" to help. wink*