Friday, May 14, 2010

Tee Time

I bought a complete set of golf clubs, golf bag and golf balls for Hubby for his birthday. Shhhhh… he doesn’t know about it yet. His birthday is not until the 31st of this month. I had it hidden at a friend’s house. So why am I writing about it here? Because I am very confident that Hubby doesn’t read my blog. I know that for sure so our secret is safe. hahaha

Well, Hubby is not really into golf. He said it is a very expensive sports. But I found a great deal at Marden’s so I bought him a set anyway just in case he feels like taking a golf clinic in the near future. He loves Tiger Woods and he knows all the golf rules and even plays golf online so why not buy him the real thing.

But here is the thing, I bought the golf set hoping that in case he won’t use it, I will be able to use it myself. And I already bought some women’s golf clothing and women’s golf accessories and womens golf apparel just in case I will make it through the greens. Hahahahaha

Tee time… can be anytime! So, I need to be prepared. Wink***


Anonymous said...

I tried golf before, but really didn't like it that much..

betchai said...

i probably will only golf when i have slowed down Ruthi. which means, I am not able to climb mountains and hike anymore. though we live less than half a mile to a golf course. khai has some old golf equipments but are simply collecting dusts in the garage. i prefer to photograph the sports probably ( because of photography, haha), but would love to see you in golf attire, and take you a picture :)