Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Finding New Recipe Ideas

Post from guest blogger Sheila Potter

A great way to find new cooking recipes is to watch cooking shows on television. Whenever I am looking for something new to make, or want to learn some new tricks of the trade, I flip on my direct tv satellite t.v. and browse the cooking channels for a show that appeals to me. My favorite is definitely Rachel Ray. She always has easy delicious recipes that are practical. I am a mom, so I like learning how to make foods for an average family, not a banquet to suit royalty. Anyone can make the easy recipes, and she shows all of the steps and ingredients that she uses. The Rachel Ray show also has guest stars and celebrities, so you also have entertainment while your food is cooking. I also love that if you see something on her show, you can go to her website and get the recipe. There are also tons of other recipes on there, and I love browsing them. There seems to be something for every occasion, from tailgating to Christmas diner. This is just one show of many you can take advantage of, so start watching and cooking today.


Judy Sheldon-Walker said...

I love new healthy and tasty recipes. It helps if they are simple too! :-)

Cee said...

I used to watch her. I love cooking shows too. My faves are Chef Gordon Ramsay's shows.

Good day Ruthi!