Friday, July 9, 2010

Dressing for the Occasion

Summer! Summer! Summer! Oh, how I love thee. LOL

Living in Maine for 3 years now… having experience 4 different seasons... and knowing the difference between extremely hot and bitterly cold weather… I can just say that I want to enjoy summer until it is here. It will surely not last forever.

It’s summer. The season most Mainers are waiting for all winter long. And with this kind of weather… all we think about is going to the beach or taking a dip in the pool or enjoying a boat ride in the lake.

And when it is summer we need to dress for the occasion. My winter clothes are all now placed in totes and buried in the cellar. It’s time to trade the bulky thick and heavy outfitters for cool and sexy summer outfits. This is indeed the time to go shopping for new summer outfits and bathing suits.

Well, if there is anything that doesn’t change… it is my mood for shopping. I need to go shopping for new bathing suits because my old ones are already worn out. So I checked on some Women's Tankini Swimsuit and Womens One Piece Swimsuits today. And hard to admit, I did check on some Plus Sized Swimwear too because my “Biggest Loser Weekend Challenge” isn't working very well too. hahahaha

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betchai said...

oh, Ruthi, you cracked me up again in this post reading the last lines, hahaha! Don't worry girl, the Biggest Loser Challenge may have not work for you, but you are still a WINNER in so many ways. I love summer too, but have not put away all my winter gears yet, we actually used some of them in our vacation. But can't wait to go swimming with the fishes again :)