Ruthilicious Hindsight: On Surviving Cancer

It's almost a decade now since my dearest friend lost her battle with cancer.  She passed away after only 4 months of her diagnosis. She died a few months after my favorite cousin died of cancer too. It was devastating to me. It was such a tough year for me. I was inconsolable. I was scared of my life too because I know cancer knows no boundaries. It can affect anyone. And I was in search for an answer.
My dearest cousin Ate Elvie. I miss her so much.

The answer came a year too late for my friend and my dear cousin. I found the answer from another friend’s blog. She talked about Paul Kraus’ book – Surviving Mesothelioma and other Cancers: A Patient’s Guide. Though the book does not claim that it can cure cancer patients… it is indeed an eye opener for both the cancer patient and the caregiver. It gives a light of hope for people with cancer and their loved ones. I just wished that I’ve known about it earlier so that I could have at least given a little hope to my friend and cousin.

Living with mesothelioma or with a mesothelioma victim is heartbreaking. The pain and the challenges can weaken both the patient and the caregiver. But with the advancement in medical science, we all know that there is hope for people with mesothelioma. Our faith in our loved ones who never give up on caring for them is reason enough to fight. And knowing that there is an action plan that we can do to help those afflicted with this dreaded disease, gives people the aspiration to work together to beat their battle with mesothelioma.

Life is short and life is too precious to give up. You have the right to fight for your life.


  1. Hi Ruthi, That cancer is a mean, mean disease. My brother died of cancer in 1985 at the age of 55. Now--I have a really good life-long friend who has State 4 Breast Cancer now --which has gone to her bones. She is living with it--and has a wonderful attitude, but I'm afraid for her... It's hard when there's nothing WE can do.

    So sorry about your losses. I'm sure it was a hard year for you.

  2. Ruthi, that is one of the reasons why I am always researching herbals. I believe God gave us the means to fight diseases.

    I am so sorry to hear of your losses. It is hard to lose someone you love, especially to something so hideous. God bless!

  3. this is a very informative post, Ruthi, sometimes we just do not know our rights. Sorry about your losses, i have some distant family who died of cancer, but somehow, the more painful for me were the sudden deaths of some friends who are very healthy from heart attack ( stress related). Cancer however, for the patient and family is very painful, as you live in pain each day and the pain lingers as the cancer lingers :(

  4. Cancer is a scary thing for me too. I know so many people who have this disease and always worry. Sorry for your lost, Ruthi!