Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Girls night out- Going to the movies!

Thanks for the guest post by Jonathan Curtis

So the time has officially arrived, it's almost girl's night out! I can't wait for the weekend to get here so me and the girls can get together and go see one of the latest, greatest flicks! It's going to be a blast!

For those of you that don't know, usually once a month the girls and I get together for a ladies only night out on the town. We love to go to different places in different cities and see what the theaters are like. This month we've decided to head to the movie theater in Toledo, Ohioto see one of those new gushy girlie flicks that none of our boyfriends want to see. Works out better than way for all of us, plus this means that we can share the box of tissues!

Since it's just girls night, we always splurge and get lots of candy and snacks to share. I bet the concessions workers must think we are crazy with all the food that we buy! I'm sure they don't mind though, especially not if they work on commission!

I love getting all dressed up for the movies too, even though we're going to be in the dark most of the time we ladies like to dress to impress! Hope I remember to set our ultimate Home Security alarm this time!


Mumsy said...

Great guess post!

Self Sagacity said...

Wish I can have a girl's night out too!

bingkee said...

Now that I'm here in the Phils., I can have a girls' night-out with my longtime friends. Indeed, it's really a great time to spend a night with girlfriends.