Falling in Love with Sundials

A friend of mine called me last weekend telling me that her house is almost done. Her voice was so excited. She wanted me to come over and check out her new garden and give some suggestions for the landscaping. And so I went to her place to check it out.

She had turned her patio into an awesome garden with courtyard about a hundred feet from the outdoor dining area. She had the grass replaced with cobblestones and had four stone pillars standing on the four corners of the courtyard. She was thinking of putting a fountain in the center of the courtyard but I suggested a sundial since fountains are too common already. And she was delighted by my idea.

In no time we were searching for Garden Sundials online. We checked out the Pedestal Bases and my friend fell in love with the cast iron sundial pedestal. She wasted no time and placed her order right away.

Well, if you are looking for a great idea for your garden, check out 1001Sundials.com. They got the largest selection of sundials and armillaries at the best possible prices. Their collection is huge and surely you will find something that you will fall in love with… just like my friend did.


  1. LOVE it I already have a birdbath and this is so much more original!