Is it Summer yet?

I started gathering and sorting out my Fall-Winter clothes since last week. I have no choice because summer is indeed over and the mercury is starting to dip.I also started shopping for new outfits again, mostly long sleeves... and bought some bathing suits from clearance. hahaha This is indeed the best time to buy swim suits because they are left-overs from the summer sale.

Yes, Summer is indeed over but then, it doesn't necessarily mean that the fun is over too. We still don't have snow so we can still go to the beach. And I am thinking of visiting our friend in South Carolina and staying at the  Myrtle Beach hotel. And yes, I am thinking of playing golf. You see, I bought Hubby a new set of golf clubs for his birthday and he has not opened it yet because he was busy gold panning the whole summer. So since the river is too freezing cold for gold panning now, maybe he will try the greens.

That is why, I checked out and tried searching for Myrtle Beach best hotels online for the best deal. Oh well, I can't give up summer just yet... so go figure. hahaha.


  1. enjoy fall and winter Ruthi, and well, the beach if you can get a chance.

  2. So sorry to see summer fade and winter loom ahead....