Making Comparison made… Awesome

It is always a challenge to make choices much less to compare things. However, it is always fun to debate on the things being compared and in the process… your mind is being challenged with the ideas of opposing views.

Now here is the thing… I found this website called this or that… and I think this website is awesome. It is a user-driven website dedicated solely for comparison where you can create and vote on comparisons for anything and everything under the sun. Well, this website is a no brainer and anybody can join and create an account and start the ball rolling. You can come up with almost anything that you can compare from the simplest to the most outrageous… from trivial to the funniest… from historical to the most recent event… from well-known people to the most awkward… and then let other people vote and make comments
You can compare anything from as ordinary as which burger is the best… McDonalds or Wendy’s… to the most outrageous that you can come up with like… hmmmm… well, I guess I can’t come up with two outrageous things to compare at this point yet. Anyway, check out this website and be amused at how interesting it is. It also has a blog where you can read about some featured write-ups on special subjects for comparison. And yes, they have contests too that you can join and can win awesome prices like Macbook Pro and iPod Touch. How awesome is that, huh?

For me, the website is very helpful in making choices because the viewer is provided with two options. Then a little explanation is given about the choices and the result of the votes and the comments of the people give some idea about the comparisons. This helps the viewer decide which to vote. At any rate, this or that is the new social networking where interactive participation is synonymous to – awesome adventure and discovery!


  1. With voting just a few weeks away we have some heavy comparisons to make. :-)