Time Again for Halloween

Guest post by Quincy Lester

So it is that time of year again, time to search through piles of cheaply made and over priced costumes. To be honest, I hate Halloween. I spend way too much money on costumes that are never used again, I burn holes in my shoes by walking for hours just to ensure my kids receive way too much candy. However, every year I do it and every year the kids are happy and creating childhood memories. So, I smile and tough it out. This year was suppose to be easy, my son wanted to be a pirate and my daughter a cowgirl. What easier costumes than that? Or so I thought.

Before my kids and I left the house, I set the home security alarm I found on www.totalalarmsystems.com. This time of year always involves teenagers vandalizingneighborhood homes. Yet another reason to dislike Halloween. Anyway, once at the store, they changed their minds. Suddenly they could not decide what they wanted to be! It felt like we would be stuck in Target until Halloween passed! Literally by a flip of a coin they chose their costumes. And believe it or not, they stuck with the original ideas they had!

Although Halloween is nothing but a burden in my life. I can say the excitement on my kids' face makes it all worth it. Besides, I must admit, I enjoy the candy too.