CSI: Miami - My Favorite Crime Show

Guest post of the week by Brittany Booker

The thing about CSI: Miami that makes it so great is the joke at the beginning. Some may think it is a trite, banal pun, or some line so dumb that it has become a meme based on its sheer dumbness and David Caruso's ridiculous and undeserved ego, but I think it is an act of pure brilliance on the part of the writers. Here they were tasked with writing a plot for the most ludicrous actor to ever grace the screen, and somehow they managed to add these comedy sketch-like lines to the beginning of every script and managed to convince Caruso that these lines made him look cool.

It is also a daring risk to make yet another CSI based show, despite the audience already having been exposed to a thousand of them. You see, it is all part of tried and true strategy of cramming things down people's throats until they don't want anymore, than dropping everything cold turkey. So why not have more CSI shows on the air? Who cares about the integrity of the original? Best of all, David Caruso is a man of little acting talent and integrity, so he is the perfect star of the show. I never miss a single episode of CSI or CSI: Miami or wherever CSI may happen all thanks to the wide breadth of channels on my fox channels.


  1. I love CSI but am losing respect for FOX as a station. Their news shows are so false they could be fiction.