Post Thanksgiving decorating

Guest post written by Lizzie Macdonald

It's tradition that every year, on the day after Thanksgiving, me and my kids get out all of our Christmas decorations and put them up. We started doing it a while ago when we switched over from natural to artificial Christmas trees. It really is nice to not be allergic to your Christmas tree and to also be able to put it up whenever you want to.

I've been looking at some new ideas for holiday decorating by look up some decorating blogs with my Clear Wire Internet.

One holiday dŽcor deals that I read about online and am especially excited about putting together is a wreath made completely out of old ball Christmas ornaments. I think that it will look really cool and vintage-y. I'm just going to hang it up on the wall though instead of hanging it on the door because I'm afraid that if I put it on the door the ornaments will break from hitting up against the door when people come in and out of the house.