Too Busy!

I have been really busy lately. Too busy... I don't even have time for blogging. Too busy... I don't even have time to visit my blogger-friends who are religiously visiting and commenting on my blogs [I'm really sorry about that... hope you guys understand. I will surely make it up to you once I get the chance]. And too busy... I don't even have time to get a haircut.

Yes, I am too busy and so with whatever tittle time I have in my hands... I would use it to do things like doing chores, paying bills, and watching my favorite shows on direct tv before bedtime. Well, it's the only time I have that I share with Hubby too. We don't spend a lot of time together since I started working on weekends. That is why watching our favorite tv shows on directv become our regular "date nights". LOL.

Oh well, I cannot complain now. Life is tough indeed but I need to find quality time with my Hubby. And I am glad that he got us one of those directv packages. At least we get the chance to enjoy something together... in the convenience of our bedroom.


  1. Ruthi, hubby and I don't watch the same things. I understand busy!!