When Mother Nature took over

It’s not a well-guarded secret of mine being a “bag lady”. It’s not surprising anymore if I come to work one day with a new pocketbook even if a couple of week before that I got myself my dream sachel. And it is not a big deal with my BFFs if they lost me at the mall because they know where to find me again – the bag section, of course.

Yes, I love bags and I love shopping for bags because it’s therapeutic. I have been planning to go shopping today. C’mon, it’s Cyber Monday! It’s the best time of the year where everything in online store is 50% - 70% off. But Mother Nature took over and tried to stop me from acquiring another earthly possession. Well, kinda.

I woke up to a cold morning with matching snow and freezing rain. Mother Nature knows that I hate driving in this kind of weather so she is hoping that I will stay home and forget about shopping. I did stay home but I don’t know about “forget shopping”… because I am now shopping – online at Zappos.com. Wink*** Yeah folks… this is the ultimate shopping for me now. I get what I want without leaving home and getting soaked in the freezing rain and worse lining up in the store. I’m done with that craziness. This is shopping – the next level.

Well, this is the kind of girl who gets what she wants. So here I am in my jammies… in the comfort of my warm and cozy bedroom… drinking tea… snacking on left-over pies… and shopping for bags. How cool is that?


  1. Pass the pie and the mouse! Lets shop!

  2. I love zappo shopping site. They have so many things that I wish to get, but must restraint myself..

  3. Bags..oh mine, I have many but always looking for different ones.

  4. i hate lining up in the store too :) and enjoy shopping on line as well, though often times, I don't get anything since I feel I don't really need any :) that's the way to save I guess, to feel that you have everything :) even when there is still so much to buy.