A holiday garland that's not too Christmas-y

Guest post written by Keshia Adamson

I'm pretty lazy when it comes to making crafts. Most of the time I don't bother making any, but I have the occasional exception every once in a while. If I really think something is just so adorable and I can't see myself living without it, I'll go to the trouble of making it. But then I try and get the maximum use out of it.

I was feeling pretty crafty and in the holiday mood though, so I went looking online to try and find something that wouldn't take me too long to make. That's when I found some info about satellite internet deals and decided to get some more info and then order one of the packages.

On that same day, I found this great DIY pom pom garland craft that I thought I could make in colors that look kind of festive, but not necessarily Christmas so that I could leave it up in my house for other occasions. Actually, I like it so much that I think IÕm just going to leave it up year round!


  1. DIY stuff is getting a bit tough everyday now for me. I am starting to let others take over more. LOL