Where to see Santa...

This guest post from Lewis Beck

Every year in December Santa comes into town. I hae found that the best place to go and visit him is at my city Christmas Parade. I take my whole faimly to go and see him, and everyone really anjoys it.

The night of the parade we eat dinner, get everyone ready to go, set our home security alarm (MORE INFO) and then head out to the parade. My son and daughter get the most enjoyment out of this because they get to tell Santa exactly what they want for Christmas. My husband and I enjoy it to, because there is a light show, a parade, wonderful music, and of course Santa Clause.

It is a woderful family event, and really brings the Christmas spirit out in everybody who attends the parade. It is a wonderful place for the community to gather and really come together and enjoy. There are pony rides, Christmas carols to sing along with, good food, and a general happy spirit.
If your local community has a Christmas gathering with Santa, I would recommend you going, it is really a wonderful time!