My Jollibee in Cali

Food Trip Day No. 10

I crave Jollibee for four long years.

Well, to all my non-Filipino friends, Jollibee is a popular local food chain in the Philippines. It is the No. 1 food chain in the Philippines and sad to say, Ronald McDonald doesn't even stand a chance in Philippine soil with our very own Jolli-Bee who could probably win in Paul Abdul's "Born to Dance" reality show. wink*
California is home to the largest concentration of Filipino settlement in the U.S. That is why, it is not surprising that Jollibee is almost everywhere. 
 That is why, my first breakfast in LA was in Jollibee. I had Tocilog.
And that is why, I had Jollibee on my last day too. I had Bangsilog. I miss Jollibee.


  1. you are making me crave Jollibee too Ruthi :) despite the fact we have two Jollibee here in San Diego, but have not been there since the last time we went there with Tes. I want bangsilog too. Maybe, I will go to Jollibee tomorrow and eat bangsilog :)

  2. ha, may jollibee sa america? unfair! bakit ala nyan dito :(

  3. ako naman ay nagpaplano kumain sa McDO dahil lagi na lang Jobee :) hehe pero pag pipili na ay jobee pa din ang gusto, ewan ako ba :-)