The Simpsons: Sweetest Episode Ever

Guest post written by my buddy Hans Hale

My favorite TV episode of all time is The Sweetest APU, an episode from the 13th season of The Simpsons. I am a big fan of nearly every episode, but this one stands out.

I live in the Cleveland, Ohio area and Simpson reruns are common here. My satellite TV from BESTCHOICETV.COM provides in-depth future program information, so I can find out when this episode might air.

In this episode, the local store clerk APU is caught cheating on his wife. Homer Simpson sees this cheating firsthand while he is in the store.

Apu is an immigrant from India whose wife has eight children. The stress of running the store and raising eight children had finally made him give in t! o cheating.

The plot however is not what makes this episode my favorite. The reason for me is the hilarious and imaginative script writing that was done.

I believe the Simpson writers were at their best during this time period, which was in the early 2000s. They were faced with heavy competition from other cartoon shows and responded accordingly.

Everyone knows that the character of Homer is a total oaf that somehow always succeeds despite his stupidity. In this episode that shines through, especially with a ridiculous scheme that has his kids putting on awkward and poorly planned displays of Indian culture.


  1. my dad loved the Simpsons so much....sigh....i miss my dad waaaa hehehehehe, i remember having t-shirts in high school with Simpsons designs...-it is me, kulasa hehehe,

  2. Fun post, Ruthi--thanks to your guest blogger. However, I also enjoyed going back to catch some of your thoughts in earlier posts. Good stuff.