Finally, I got the rare chance to blog here. Yeah, I was a bit side-tracked with a lot of stuff and goings-on in my life right now and blogging on a regular basis is no longer a priority.

No, I am not thinking of a career change. I am just plain side-tracked. It could be the weather. It is indeed getting crazy each day. Nothing more predictable than the unpredictable weather. It could be the pollen. For some reason, after so many years of being allergy-free... now I am allergic to almost everything. And it could be hormonal too. And I will not discuss about it further.

So just an update here... I am still very much around - though not too active. I am still thinking of reviving some of my regular post series - but that depends on my schedule. And I am trying my best to come up with new ideas - and I pray to God that I won't be side-tracked. LOL

[Photo Credit: Japol]


  1. what is great with blogging is we can always leave it behind, it can wait, it continues to be running, and when we pick it up again, it is still there :) i learned these blogging words of wisdom from you Ruthi :) we all can get side tracked, get unmotivated, but once we are back, our site is still there, or we may not be back, but we can continue to look at what we have written for inspiration. my most visited post everyday is not my newest post, it is one of my oldest posts, and I am glad many are using it to help them plan for their hiking trips :)

  2. I agree, we all get side tracked once in a while.. It could be because we've become busy with other things, though I believe it's mostly because of our mood. Seriously, these past few weeks, I thought of quitting. But for the nth time I changed my mind.. haha so here I am again, back to blogging.

    I do hope everything turns out well with you. *hugs*