Favorite educational show

Thanks for the post from Irving Ayala

My entire family now watch tvbydirect every night because of the most awesome learning programs that can be seen daily. The Discovery channel has so much more to offer than just reading a simple book. A book may describe something but with the television anybody can actually see what people are talking about. The program Rome is a fascinating insight into the Roman empire and what life was like hundreds of years ago from all areas and aspects of Roman society. My eldest daughter is studying Roman history in her school and this program is better than most internet sites that she has been studying from.

The program is full of action from start to finish and not only shows what a street urchin looks like, but also describes smells and emotions felt at different time. The whole show is amazing and a credit to tv producers everywhere. The program has taught me loads since we started watching it and if I was totally honest I am glad I was born in the technology age rather than then. Posting a letter to family from the from line of a battle took over three months to arrive at a destination which was possibly no more than one hundred miles away, which is also similar to today's modern second class post in some areas.