What a Summer!

School will start soon and vacation is over. I had to admit, it has been a great summer for us weather and time, wise. Hubby and I spend most of our weekends this year up the mountain camping and gold panning. But when summer is over… this means we will be staying home again doing our regular weekend activity – movie marathon on “Direct TV” and enjoying tons of popcorn and beer.

In a week’s time, kids will be back in school and vacationing is over. This means that we will be out of the house most of the time again working hard or in my case, running outdoors when I can or if weather-permitting. So, this could also mean that we will leave our home empty which could be a great opportunity for burglary. But I don’t worry much about it because “home security auburn” gives me the peace of mind I need. And all I have to do is enjoy every minute working and running outdoors[ to shed the pounds off that I will be putting on from eating popcorn and drinking beer] until it’s time again to be with my hubby at the end of the day.

Ah… what a summer, indeed!


  1. have fun with the outdoors Ruthi, while weather is still friendly and comfortable :) all your love for outdoors (running) is showing now on you, you don't sound like dieting but you have trimmed your figure so immensely, so proud of you!