For my Eyes Only

I got mail. Well, it’s the time of the year where I usually get mails from my OB Gyne for my yearly pap smear and mammogram scheduling, our family Physician for my annual physical exams, and my Eye Doctor for my yearly eye check-up. And speaking of eye check-up, I am pretty sure that I will need a new pair of glasses. If only I can read without glasses, it would totally awesome.

I hate eyeglasses not only because it’s too uncomfortable but basically because they cost so much. My very first prescription reading eyeglasses cost more than a couple hundred bucks. And in this tough economy, I cannot afford a new pair.

Good thing I know a place where I can get cheap eyeglasses made of the latest modern materials. They may be cheap but trust me, they are fashionably stylist and made of high quality and latest modern materials. I found this prescription eyeglasses online store – ZENNI Optical and now I am ready for my eye check-up. Yup, I will go for my eye check-up and will ask my eye doctor for my latest result and will just use them to order my new pair. How cool is that?

Well, Zenni prescription glasses are cheap or rather, reasonable and affordable because they manufacture and market their own products directly from their factories. The extra cost that they would pay for middlemen, retail overhead and advertising save consumers a lot of dough. And with that, I am so ready to get a new pair of glasses for my deserving eyes and that my pocket can afford.


  1. you look so cool in those pair of eyeglasses, Ruthi

  2. I was just about to say that, Beth! You rock those glasses, Ruthi! So cute! Lovely smile, girl!

  3. Compared with Zenni, i prefer GlassesShop not only for their cheap and affordable price, but also for interesting and unique frame options.