Thursday, March 1, 2012

Be Comfortable in your own Skin

At my age, I think I am getting more adventurous yet cautious. Who would have thought that I could run races in my mid 40s? I can’t even play “tag-you-re-it” when I was little. But then, even if I am into running now, I am cautious of my body because I want to run more races even in my 60s or 70s. That is why I take vitamin supplement like calcium for my bones.

At my age, I guess I am becoming more bold yet careful. I enjoy doing things that I use to love doing but I love to try out new things like doing polymer clay crafts. I love doing my own jewelries using polymer clay where I can express my own unique style and life style.

And at my age, I am more comfortable in my own skin now. Gone are the days when I was so conscious and too careful of what I put on my face for fear of getting skin allergy or pimples. Now, that I discovered the perfect skin regimen I’m happy. And though ”acne or pimples” never become a major skin problem to me, at my age, the anti-aging light therapy is the best way I can give to myself. Why?

This is why:
Acne Light Treatment

Via: Tanda Skincare

So for you who are at my age – this might also be the answer to make you comfortable in your own skin too. Wink*

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betchai said...

go go Ruthi, it's never too late to pick up something that you love doing outside of work, and running it is for you. yes, as we grow older, we become less vain because we see more of the beauty that are longer lasting.