Sunday, June 24, 2012

I got the itch

I got the itch to write a travelogue today.

It's been awhile since I last wrote anything about a place I been to because my destinations are only from point A to B recently. Oh yes, the only places I see are the places on my way to work and back. Though I had to admit the sceneries on my way to work are gorgeous, I just don't have the luxury of time to stop now to take photos because I'm always crunch on time.

Now, that school is over, I finally got the chance to take a brief retreat to our favorite destination - Byron, Maine.

It's officially summer now and it only means that it's camping and gold panning season for me and Hubby. So a couple of weeks ago we went up Byron with a friend whom we introduced to our summer hobby.

Byron, Maine is known for "gold panning". Gold prospectors from all over the States come to take a piece of the action down the Swift River.

Those who are not interested in gold come up to go camping...


or just enjoying the beautiful and breathtaking Coos Canyon.
For me and Hubby, Byron is our weekend home. We camp almost every weekend last summer. We camp at the campground...

by the river bank...

and even doing it hardcore in the woods about 200 yards from a bear trap. LOL Well, we didn't know that until we found the letter left by someone in our truck.

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•°°• PreciousKD •°°• said...

What a beautiful spot to gold panning, and such a fun, maybe even getting rich, activity to do.

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