Thursday 2 Questions: Busy as my Alibi

I have been invited to do Thursday Two Questions since it started [I guess] but I never find time to do it because of 2 reasons;

1. I am very busy.
2. I am very very very busy.

Yes, I try to use or rather abuse the word - busy... to emphasize two things;

1. That I am human being.
2. That I have an alibi.
RLOL [really laughing out loud]

Oh well, whether I justify it or not... it only boils to one thing... I will surely find time to grant a friend's request when I do finally get the time to do it... and that "time" is - now!
So my two questions are...

1. What makes you busy lately?
2. Do you use your busy-ness as an alibi to avoid doing things whether they are very important or not?


This is my entry for Blessing Reflections' Thursday Two Questions. To join and for more interesting 2 Questions entry... click HERE.


  1. I am busy running a virtual art studio and taking care of my house Heaven.

    I don't think it is an alibi if you're busy. Just thinking alone IS busy. Ha! RRLOL!

    I try not to allow some things to dominate my life and it works. When somebody demands your time and you can't you just say "later" and mean it. Of course later may mean very very LATE. Ha! RRRLOL!

  2. Busy...what's that? LOL I'm busy lately because it's Christmas, but I'm also busy because I'm trying desparately to keep up with my daily blogging. Geez, who would have ever figured this would take up so much of your day. I plan to get more organized in 2011 and structuring my online time will be a priority.

    Sure, I use "I'm too busy!" a lot to avoid doing something else. Who doesn't? I think it sort of makes me feel less guilty somehow when I can't squeeze that something into my already hectic day.

  3. Preparations for Christmas, of course, take up much of my time at the moment. But I know this will pass, so it doesn't concern me. Once the decorations are back in storage (as close to New Years as possible), all wil be back to normal.

    But what causes my "busyness" during normal times?

    Blogging. And it's got to stop! Not blogging, but spending so much time doing it. At first I rationalized the time spent learning how to set up a blog and writing posts as a necessity. I needed a platform as an author with four books to publish.

    But now I have to pull in the reins. No more neglecting housework and yardwork and, most of all, no more neglecting the revisions of my novels.

    We're all busy. It's a matter of setting priorities.

  4. You're not only busy, but you are funny too! Glad you can join today.
    I am very busy with my family, kids make me busy.
    I am busy with my part time jobs, I am always working. Working makes me busy.
    I take care of an 85 yr old mom, she is needy in a different way than a child, but she is needy and this makes me busy. I am running out of room, and it's only the first question. Anyhow, thanks for linking up. See you again soon on the blog ofcourse.

  5. Just the daily things of life that makes me busy. breakfast, kids to school, taking care of younger kids, snacks, chores, grocery shopping etc.
    Then there is blogging.

    No I don't use my busy as an excuse unless I really am or maybe I just choose not to because I want space to breathe.


  6. I had to laugh when I saw your post title. I think we all use that alibi sometimes.

    These days the holidays are keeping me busy. There always seems to be something going on that requires my time and attention.

    If something is important I will make the time to take care of it.

    Good to see you in this meme, looking forward to your next questions.

  7. It's Christmas time and busy just stepped it up a notch. With 4 children, 2 steps, 27 grands, and 3 great grands - busy is an understatement. I don't know how I used to work 2 and 3 jobs while I raised them by myself. Now I only work one job and write part time - then Triond added a bonus feature this month with a 20% incentive for 10 articles in certain categories...

  8. Thanks for joining us, Ruthi!

    Can you define the word "busy"? As far as I can see, even a little school age kid, busy! Homework, sport events, friends, social events, everyone is busy!

    This is the time we're even busier..but it's fun..