Monday, August 13, 2012

The food I missed so much

It was only day 5 of My Philippines vacation and I already gained 5 lbs. I couldn't imagine what will become of me in 7 weeks if I will be gaining 1 pound a day.
Balitaw at Kutsinta [sweet delicacies made with sticky rice]
Putong Pik-pik  [delicacy made with sticky rice cooked by steaming]
Banana Cue, Bikang-bikang, and Turon[delicacies all made with banana]

Well, blame it to all the food I had to eat.
Pritong Galunggong [fried fish], Adobong Kangkong [water spinach]
with Bagoong [shrimp paste] and steamed rice.
 Longsilog - longanisang Vigan [Philippine sausage], fried egg and garlic fried rice
 Litson Kawali - pan-fried roast pork
 Pinakbet - mixed veggies sauteed in shrimp paste
 Tocilog - Tocino [sweet pork], fried egg and garlic fried rice

All the food I miss so much, I had to have them.
 Buko-Pandan [dessert made of grated young coconut and pandan jelly]
 Halo-halo [mixed sweet fruit preserved served with shaved ice
and milk topped with leche flan]
 Taho [yummy dessert made of soy beans]

I need to have a taste of them.
Binatog [boiled corn kernel served with salt and grated coconut]
 Pandesal [Philippine bread roll]

And I need to satisfy my longing for the taste of My Philippines.

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Food Trip Day No. 13
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betchai said...

ahhhh, they are all worth the extra pounds gained, Ruthi, though I have access to these kind of foods here, but still, your pictures make me sooooooo hungry and craving for them